Extreme Shopping: Black Friday Wal-Mart Shopper Pepper Sprays Crowd To Keep Away From XBox Deal

November 28, 2011


Seen here looking like my worst nightmare, a rowdy crowd gathers outside a Wal-Mart on Black Friday, ready and willing to trample a fellow bargain hunter to death over $5 Blu-Rays. Enter an undisclosed lady who pepper-sprayed a group of shoppers to get a leg-up on an XBox deal. Your children: you're teaching them right.

The Los Angeles Police Department is beginning to interview 20 victims who were allegedly pepper sprayed by a "competitive shopper" trying to scoop up a video game console during a Black Friday sale at a Porter Ranch Wal-Mart store.

The woman, who has not been identified, turned herself in to police Friday night after video of the incident was broadcast. She later was released while police continue to investigate.

I don't even know/am too lazy to look up what Wal-Mart's Black Friday Xbox deal was, but I seriously doubt it was worth getting pepper-sprayed/going to jail over. That said, I'd let you mace me in the face AND taze my balls simultaneously for 50% off LEGO sets.

Victims in Wal-Mart pepper spray incident interviewed by LAPD [latimes]
Woman pepper sprays shoppers at Wal-Mart to grab Xbox 360 [dvice]

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  • Guest

    Now that is pretty low. Online shopping FTW.

  • Mi


  • Magnus Hjelmås

    Looks like a herd of zombies craving for fresh meat. 

  • chefguru

    In other news... Geekologie reports on a story 3 days after everyone else... yawn.

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  • Dave Branstrator

    GW...  No wonder why the comments on your posts have dwindled down to hardly anything.   This blog sucks now.  Just a bad reddit dupe with a shitty wordpress template.  I guess all good things must end.

  • Isn't America a great place? This is exactly the reason why I shop exclusively online during the holiday season.

  • Leanna Breauxni

    Hahaha, I live in the neighborhood, and was at work all day on friday when we heard about this.
    Apparently, the lady is trying to avoid charges by saying it was 'in self-defense'.
    Yeaaaa, self-defense against a crowd of people, some of whom were elderly and had to go to the hospital as a result.

    Good luck with that one! >.<

  • Johnny Internet

    Saturday morning this was all over every major news outlet and twitter, facebook..etc.. Please stick to news we havent heard about and is somehow related to GEEK

  • That's my hood!

  • Tom Kwiczor

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  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    Well, yeah... LEGO sets are expensive. That's a good deal for them.

  • Fatamy


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