Energy Saving Dialug Twist-Timer Wall Plugs

November 9, 2011


Dialug is a conceptual electrical outlet that's rotatable so you can either set a plugged-in appliance for constant power or a limited amount of time. Can't fall asleep without the light on but want it to go out after you're under to save energy? I'm with you. Ghosts, right? Yeah, same here. I sleep naked and heard they can float through buttholes.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots because I edited them before realizing they're the exact same f***ing thing and what's the purpose of even living anymore, God.



Time Your Power [yankodesign]
Eco Timer Chargers [trendhunter]

Thanks to Charlie, who times his power consumption by how cleverly he hid the extension cord leading to his neighbor's porch outlet.

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