'Dragonborn' Child Wins Bethesda Games For Life

November 17, 2011


Bethesda Game Studio, best known for their RPG's like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, made the promise to award free games for life to any child born on Skyrim's release date and named after the games protagonist, Dovahkiin. And, to nobody's surprise, somebody did it. Seen here looking like he just came out of the oven (complete with mitts!), Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer was born at 6:08 on 11/11/11, entitling him to a lifetime of free Bethesda games. Unfortunately, things like this always backfire and he's probably gonna grow up to hate video games and play baseball or something. Kidding, his name's Dovahkiin -- hockey.

Dragonborn of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Tulsa, who was named after the city he was conceived in. "WHAT?!" Haha, you didn't know that?

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