Die Demonspawn!: Homemade Diablo III Costume

November 28, 2011


This is a video of a guy showing off his homemade Diablo III costume in what can only be described as his grandmother's guest bedroom. I'm diggin' the bare lightbulb, bro. Obviously, the costume still needs some work. Namely, in the crotch region. Sure Diablo III isn't even out yet, but I get the feeling the demons won't be wearing acid-wash jeans. Regardless, it still amazes me how people can create such intricate costumes but can't decorate a room to save their lives. I dunno, paint a mural of hell or something -- anything but that wallpaper, shit!

Hit the jump for the video.


Thanks to Evil Ares, who agrees a demon costume with no pyrotechnic display is like a cake with no frosting: not worth making.

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