Teacher 'Reanimates' Goldfish After Dropping In Liquid Nitrogen, Sucks At Teaching

November 4, 2011


If you haven't already seen it, this is a video of a shitty high school science teacher dropping a goldfish in liquid nitrogen, then returning it to water where it "reanimates" itself. The goldfish survived due to the Leidenfrost Effect, which allowed this REAL scientist to dip his hand in liquid nitrogen and it not break off and shatter (follow that link for more info). So my question is this, Special Ed -- if you believe in science so much, why'd you use a goldfish instead of your own hand? I'll tell you why -- because you're a sissy. ADMIT IT -- ADMIT YOU DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IN SCIENCE! *teacher sobbing* "It's all true -- the drama department was overstaffed!"

Hit the jump for the that was entirely unnecessary.


Thanks to Z and Jacob, who agrees more teachers should actually practice what they preach teach. I'm looking at you, gym teacher on the Hoveround!

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