Cool Hobby, Bro: Guy Stacks 3,118 Coins On A Dime

November 11, 2011


This is a video of amateur coin-stacker Tai Star's fifth attempt to balance 3,000 coins on a single dime. And he succeeds, managing to stack a total of 3,118 onto the pile before calling it quits. Not bad, Mai Tai, but I once stacked a dozen books on a passed out roommate and still had room to draw a penis on his face. "With balls?" F***ing huge ones.

The impressive structure consisted of 600 quarters, 501 dimes, 313 nickels, 1699 pennies and five foreign coins.

He starts with the single dime and places it near the edge of a table.

Star explained: 'It is on the very corner for a few reasons: to make it easy to see that it is on one dime and I think the structure of the table is most sturdy there - plus I just like precarious balance.'

Then, over the course of seven hours, he begins stacking coins on the dime in a circular shape.

Seven hours, good lord. That's...almost a full day's work. See what I'm getting at, Tai? I'm saying you should get a job. Also, while balancing 3,000 coins on a dime is certainly impressive, you know what would be even MORE impressive? Balancing a budget on one. TAKE NOTES, GOVERNMENT.

Hit the jump for a time-lapse of the feat.

That's one way of using your spare change! Man stacks 3,118 coins on a single dime [dailymail]

Thanks to Marcy, who doesn't balance anything but her checkbook. Uh, people still do that?

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