Chuck Norris' World Of Warcraft Commercial

November 21, 2011


This is a World of Warcraft commercial featuring Chuck Norris. It's topical because of this whole Chuck Norris joke craze that just started on the internet. "That was 2005." Exaaaactly. DIABLO III BETTER NOT SUCK.

Hit the jump for the video time machine.


Thanks to Liz, carnie and Slayzor, who have their fingers crossed for a Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a World of Warcraft player if..." commercial.

  • I nearly pissed my pants when I saw this XD
    That's taking Chuck Norris jokes a bit too far, I guess :)

  • can we just annihilate blizzard and get this nonsense over with now?

  • WoW is getting desperate for new players.

  • I am still a fan of the Mister T ones...

  • Chuck Norris is in The Expendables 2 AND Warcraft? I think my brain just exploded!

  • Nate

    That was my initial thought as well, but I believe it's supposed to be the corner of the room.

    Edit: err, see below...

  • Oh dear, world's worst split screen job.  Did they even try to conceal the line between Norris and the CGI character? 

    Now apart from my trolling, Chuck Norris still throws a freakin' awesome punch.

  • first

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