You...Are A Crazy Person: Carrie Fisher Talking About How Much Better Star Wars Is Than Star Trek

November 17, 2011


Hell no I'm not giving you a high-five -- and put those titties away, gramma!

This is a video of Carrie Fisher looking more like a f***ing alien than Princess Leia (is that rhinestone eyeshadow?!) responding to William Shatner's video about how much better Star Trek is than Star Wars in a feeble attempt to stay relevant. I hope you know I'm being honest when I say it sucks so hard I couldn't finish watching it.

Hit the jump and be stupider because of it.

Princess Leia Invites Captain Kirk to Suck Her @#$% [toplessrobot]

Thanks to mitch and Blazerunner, who agree watching two old people fight is sad, unless its over bingo.

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