You...Are A Crazy Person: Carrie Fisher Talking About How Much Better Star Wars Is Than Star Trek

November 17, 2011


Hell no I'm not giving you a high-five -- and put those titties away, gramma!

This is a video of Carrie Fisher looking more like a f***ing alien than Princess Leia (is that rhinestone eyeshadow?!) responding to William Shatner's video about how much better Star Trek is than Star Wars in a feeble attempt to stay relevant. I hope you know I'm being honest when I say it sucks so hard I couldn't finish watching it.

Hit the jump and be stupider because of it.

Princess Leia Invites Captain Kirk to Suck Her @#$% [toplessrobot]

Thanks to mitch and Blazerunner, who agree watching two old people fight is sad, unless its over bingo.

  • I never though Carrie Fisher was attractive. she was always a butterface to me. I do love Star Wars though

  • AdamCoates

    I'd like to think Han Solo left Leia before she reached this stage in her life.

  • Butter Biscuits McGee

    You see Harrison Ford (a.k.a. Han Solo)  latley?  He ain't lookin too spunky himself.  If anything, they both died when the Falcon disintegrated  while entering the atmosphere of some nameless planet in a galaxy far far away.

  • AdamCoates

    Sure he's old, but he's cool old grump old. Carrie Fisher seems like a crazy cat lady.  At this age Han would be sitting on his porch giving the stink-eye to the Corillian neighborhood kids, like a boss.

  • Here's the difference between STAR WARS and STAR TREK.  Yes, when STAR WARS came out, it kicked TREK'S ass in terms of effects and rollercoaster entertainment value.  However, the STAR WARS legacy has declined thanks to its own creator, whereas the STAR TREK legacy continues to increase in quality and entertainment value.  I would take the re-boot of STAR TREK from JJ Abrams over all three of the prequels ANY day of the week...

    Smoke that in your pipe, grandma!

    (by the way, would be good money for a photo of Carrie Fisher and Will Shatner in original Metal Bikini and ORIGINAL captain's uniform respectively).

  • Butter Biscuits McGee

    You do realize that a comparison between the Star Wars prequels and the Star Trek reboot is not only an unfair comparrison, but is irrelevant  (SW Episode III came out in 05', where as Star Trek came out in 09' - and in movie years, four years allow for some big technological advances i.e. "entertainment value".  Yes, as of late, Lucas has been taking a major shit on the franchise, but  you can only really compare the original Star Wars to the original 1960's Star Trek.  Which, if going for sheer "entertainment value" alone, Star Wars wins hands down.  This argument, however, does not determine which series is better, just pointing out some facts and opinions.

  • JoeAconite

    The fork is with her.

  • Carrie Fisher has not aged well. Could somebody button up that sweater for her. Also, she sounded so stupid. Her stupidity made me want to puke.

  • Yeah, Mickey Rourke... with boobs. This is so cool.

  • Katrina Maria

    It sounds like Carrie Fisher has never seen an episode of Star Trek in her life.. so how can she compare them? I personally love both Star Trek and Star Wars and I think they each have certain aspects that are better than the other.. although for the most part it is like comparing apples and oranges because they are both COMPLETELY different. 

  • your right they are different, star trek is boring and Star Wars isn't

  • Oh, so *Shatner* started the Star Wars/Star Trek debate with his little video. It hasn't been a debate for the last, I dunno, 20-30 years, no no. It just started, and Shatner did it.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Carrie Fisher and I respect her as a person and an actress. But the debate over which franchise is better is just dumb. "Better" cannot be scientifically quantified and is purely subjective. Now, liking one over the other? That's cool. But neither is "better" or "worse" - and the argument itself is pretty lame.

  • Peter Hilburn

    Oh, for goodness' sake, this isn't an actual debate. Not to her, probably not to Shatner either. She's just having a little bit of fun at his expense. Lighthearted trash talk.

    I'm not sure they even realize that they're basically trolling their fans, some of whom actually do take this kind of thing way too seriously.

  • SlowMonkey

    I guess Jabba had sex with her after all.

  • And then she assimilate him?

  • SlowMonkey

    Natalie Portman must be so embarrased about her mother.

  • doctorpeppor

    Ok, first of all, you don't touch Leonard Nimoy's ears.  They're immortal.  In spite of Star Trek and the entire sci-fi genre, Leonard Nimoy's ears are untouchable, b***itch (did I mis-censor that?)

    Second, Star Wars is better than Star Trek.  That argument wins itself.

  • Carrie Fisher is a funny lady, and at least she's passionate about her franchise.  Sorry, I know I'm in the minority here, but I liked it.

  • Lookaze

    "looking more like a f***ing alien than Princess Leia"
     ... The awkward moment you realize Princess Leia counts as an alien too.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    GW, this is one article that you did not need to post.

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