Buzz Lightyear: Why Is He In Your Ass?

November 18, 2011


To infinity and beyo-- oh no, OH NO!

Buzz Lightyear: he doesn't belong in your ass. At least not upside down. You think a doctor's gonna believe he flew up there by himself feet first? THINK AGAIN (doesn't work for Ninja Turtles either).

Buzz Lightyear Should Not Be Inside Your Ass [gizmodo]

Thanks to Toey, who encourages you all to be safe this holiday season and not put any ornaments in you b-u-t-t.

  • James Blake

    You got a friend in me LOL I know who this was lol its me

  • mrpendulum

    I laughed so hard that it endangered my employment.

  • painweaver

    man, seeing this picture made me want to go out and get a buzz lightyear doll. i didn't know they were so fun

  • SlowMonkey


  • Guest

    This is a clip from the movie Toy Story X X X.

  • ZeroTheThief

    As a RT this has to be fake due to the density on the radio-graph.  The whiter the color the more radio-opaque the material is, so this shows that the plastic toy is more dense than the persons bone lol ya right. 

  • Meewok

    Sorry to break it but FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE this has been done before with other figures ans random stuff, as in altered photographs. Very easy to do

  • George Ragen

    He just the whole Lightyear!!! Is that bad?

  • malkatz

    I know this was probably sexual, but there are better ways to get a Woody.

  • why is the right side "latest stories" bar  picture a dandelion with a box balanced on it? (this picture: )

  • flyingmonkey456

    Read the URL. It's the wrong picture. Somebody dun goof'd.

  • Rabbit

    He did say "to infinity... And beyond!"

  • MorningPanda

    I'd prefer a Woody in my ass.

  • This has got to be fake right?... how did they get his wings open?

  • Wow, Sid has gotten even darker with his toy abuse! 

  • Tyler Montgomery

    This may be my favorite description ever.  Nicely done GW.

  • We found the beyond 

  • miezeljotschek

    Congratulations! It's a…plastic toy.

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