Booze Is Booze Is Booze: Paper Wine Bottles

November 21, 2011


This is a paper wine bottle. It was designed to help reduce the energy use associated with shipping wine because, I don't know if you've ever been beat in the head with one in a really fancy bar fight before, but those glass bottles are heavy. I'll f***ing kill you, Mr. Monopoly! So yeah -- making the earth a greener place by reducing the shipping weight of wine bottles. Not gonna lie, that wouldn't be the first thing I'd tackle. A leprechaun, yes. WHERE'S THE GOLD, LITTLE MAN?!

While it looks a little rough on the outside, a challenge Martin will have to overcome when it comes to selling it to the consumer, the paper bottle weighs just 50 grams compared to the 500 grams of a glass bottle. It also has just ten percent of the carbon footprint of glass, so it's cheaper to make and recycle. The paper bottles are even the exact same size as the glass bottles they hope to replace, so they can be easily integrated into existing production lines and transportation systems.

The paper bottles actually have the same foil bags inside as boxed wine does, so the paper doesn't get all mushy. Now, are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Remove the bags and tape them to your belly to sneak into a movie"? YES! You buy popcorn and I'll let you have some.

Will Wine Snobs Embrace a Paper Bottle? [gizmodo]

Thanks to Marco, who still drinks wine the old fashioned way: out of a pimp cup. Dammit Marco, nobody used to do that. "Kings did!" I stand corrected.

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