Boeing 767 Emergency Landing Sans Wheels

November 1, 2011


This is a video of a Boeing 767 making an emergency landing in Warsaw after its landing gear failed to deploy. There were 230 people on board, but nobody was injured. Soaked in shit and piss, yes.

It appears the Polish Lot aircraft, en route from New York, circled the city to burn up fuel and allow emergency crews to gather in preparation for the landing.

Hey -- how many Polish pilots does it take to land an airplane? Polish pilots -- that'll be the day! But seriously, sweet-ass landing. I actually have a spoon that looks like a little airplane and I can't even get a spoonful of beans & weenies in my mouth without poking an eye.

Hit the jump for the I've experienced rougher landings WITH landing gear.

Footage shows Boeing 767 emergency landing in Warsaw [bbcnews]

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who claims he could have landed that thing in an 80MPH crosswind on an aircraft carrier in waves the size of that one that kills Marky Mark in that one movie about fishing or crabbing or whatever.

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