Board Eraser Turns Chalk Dust Into New Chalk

November 1, 2011


This is a conceptual chalkboard eraser that sucks in the dust from the board and makes new pieces of chalk with it. No clue how much dust it takes to actually create a fresh stick, but my guess is at least twice what it'd collect in a lifetime.

As you erase the board, the Chalkeeper has a tiny vacuum motor that sucks up all of the dust and stores it inside the handle. That by itself would be a big improvement over the usual chalky mess, but this concept goes one step further by combining the chalk dust with heat and water to mold new chalk sticks.

This is actually a pretty genius idea if you think about it because 1. chalk is cheap as f*** 2. I can't remember the last time I even saw a chalk board and 3. the third world nations that actually still use chalkboards clearly have a budget for chalk-recycling erasers. Million dollar ideas, people.

This eraser magically turns chalk dust into new chalk sticks [dvice]

Thanks to The Professor, who still uses a chalkboard when he teachers because he likes the sound it makes when he's writing. You're sick.

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