Batman Pulls A Chris Hansen, Trolls A Predator

November 7, 2011


This is a for-real video of a guy who poses as a 15-year old girl online (been there, done that amirite?!), gains the interest of some pedo, and agrees to meet them in real life. Then dude shows up dressed as Batman and calls the pedo out. This is a video of that happening. It's hands down better than Batman Forever and Batman & Robin combined.

Hit the jump for the skeez.

Batman Sting Operation of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who poses online as an 80-year old grandma and trolls people pretending like they're her grandkids. SHIT THAT WAS YOU?!

  • lol

    and I actually like the new layout, black text on white background is a lot easier to read, the old black with white text was really strenuous on the eyes.

  • ryo_saeba

    I'm Batman.

  • It was probably one of their friends they did as a joke, got him out there for something else.

    Yes everyone is doing bright white layouts that suck....Makes me think I'm shopping ebay.
    Black was cooler, and easier on the eyes.

  • Pls Bring Back The Black !!!! If it aint Broken dont Fix It !!!!!

  • dundeeb


  • adam preikschas

    Lmao omfg!  I read Geekologie every day and just started watching this video because it seemed funny.  To my surprise this happened in the city i live in!  It's in Chilliwack , British Columbia.  I recognized the playground and the background instantly.  Time for me to find Batman IRL and congratulate him.

  • Z_zzzz

    Douchebag meets horny pedo douchebag.

  • nice video. also, change the background color to black, this one hurts my cave dweller eyes!

  • David Ensor

    Love the video but prefered old layout:

    Paint it black!

  • Squall Charlson

    Why does the video source say "To Troll a Predator 2" and in the video it says "To Troll a Predator 3"?

  • MissingtheBlack

    CC captions on, you'll see a word bubble with 2 over the 3. Batman made a mistake labeling it as 3.

  • MgenGlder

    Should've interrogated him harder.


  • MissingtheBlack

    Find out if the guy is married or has a girlfriend. Share video link.

    I'm sure someone will recognize him either way with the video floating around the net.

  • Jonathan Slamko

    Shouldve kicked his ass

  • There is something especially creepy about him picking up an underage girl for sex at a PLAYGROUND. Batman should've ZAP! POW! BLAM! ed his ass.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    new layout looks like shit
    bring back good ol geekologie! 

  • MissingtheBlack

    Once you go black, you never go back. I guess GW didn't get that memo.

    This white is much too bright for my sensitive sight.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    The fact that he's using the Bale / Nolan Batman voice is definitely an extra bonus.

  • stutelf

    Couldn't agree more with the sentiment of trying to combat paedophiles but feel that this guy's got it all wrong. Dressing up as Batman trivialises the subject, and he lets him walk away (from what I can see). Even (fictional character) Tony Soprano alerted the proper authorities!

  • Guest

    That would suck if he got the wrong guy and called him a paedo...

    "You're a Paedophile!"
    "Err... I'm here with my wife and kids... and I don't live an hour away... I live just round the corner."
    "Sorry dude..."
    "Damage has already been done now... my wife, kids, friends, family and colleagues will never look at me in the same way ever again. Great."

  • He had the pedo's photo.

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