Baconlube: Now A Real (Nasty) Product

November 16, 2011


Baconlube, originally speculated to be an April Fool's joke, is now a real $12 bacon-flavored product to smear on your wiener or whatever. Just be careful bedding a hungry girl, or you might pull back a stump. Get it? Because you were licking it off each other's fingers as some sort of foody foreplay, pervert.

Hit the jump for two other poster ads and a link to the product site.


Product Site
Bacon + Lube = Baconlube [incrediblethings]

Thanks to Fally and Rebecca, who agree bacon makes everything better. Except sex. Then it just makes you weird and probably fat.

  • jegormeister

    GW who loves bacon wrote this post? I don't think so!

  • Perfect to Homer Simpson !!!


    brings new meaning to "porking"

  • Torish

    Spam in my RSS feeds? No thank you! Unsubscribed. Too bad. I really really liked Geekologie. I even went so far as to whitelist your site on adblock. Oops, you're back on the blocklist. Sorry, but your sponsored post is taking selling out too far. At least allow comments on that post so you can hear what your readers think about them. So long and thanks for all the fish. So sad that it should come to this.

  • Awww boo hoo.


    im sure theyre heartbroken.

  • Eww!
    I don't want my hooha to smell of bacon.

  • Baby, i'm gonna pork you like never before.... Now squeel for me babe... Squeel like a pig... lol

  • Peter Souza

    I just bought one as a gag gift for Christmas ... XD

  • Ok, I am all about that bacon trend thing.  But this is just too much, why would I want to pork, pork?

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