Australia Issuing DC Superhero License Plates

November 7, 2011


Australian transportation authority VicRoads has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to be able to issue DC Comics superhero license plates. Why? I dunno, apparently there's a demand for this sort of thing down under. Also: Vegemite and boomerangs. I want a Batman one with 'RBN 069'.

Superman is already muscling his way into the lead in terms of early customer interest, but the vehicle license plates on offer also include Supergirl, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman.

"The superhero plates are great value and start at just $200 for customers to upgrade a general issue plate with the design, or $404 to choose their own 3x3 [letter and number] combination as well," he said.

Great value?! $200 and $400 isn't a great value -- I've paid less FOR AN ACTUAL CAR. Sure it was a giant lemon, but you wanna know what I did? I made lemonade. Kidding, I pushed it over an embankment into a river.

Hit the jump to see the Batman plate.


Australia to Issue Super Hero License Plates [foxnews]
Superhero License Plates Coming to Australia [supermanhomepage]

Thanks to Thaylor and hophead, who are holding out for Marvel plates.

  • Meh, wake me up when they have Marvel characters.

  • Sarah Colliss

    Makes me proud to be an Australian. Seriously doesn't everyone need superhero licence plates????

  • this sucks. as you can see from my profile pic, i'm white.... but this whiteness sucks. i'm using google chrome, so maybe its's just me and the browser i use... but it was a lot easier to follow this site before you made the change to DVICE like settings. ¬†bring back the black. don't be like gay-ass facebook and change things that don't need to be changed.... especially when there is no obvious benefit for the change.

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