Animated Death Star T-Shirt (With Sound Effects!)

November 22, 2011


I know what I'm getting you for Christmas! Coal -- you were terrible this year. I don't care what crappy toy commercials you saw watching Spongebob on Saturday morning and added to your list, you're not getting them. If I were Santa I'd drop a big ol' bag of flaming reindeer pellets down your chimney and key your car. Unfortunately I'm not Santa, so I'm left trying to tranq dart enough reindeer to prevent him from getting airborne after visiting the house next door. THE PRESENT SACK IS MINE, FAT MAN! This is a $30 Death Star t-shirt from ThinkGeek.

The t-shirt will be able to light up a blast sequence that includes the superlaser powering-up and firing. Thanks to glowing EL technology and a white LED light for the final blast effect, it really does make the t-shirt come alive. Not content with just giving the illusion that it's charging up a laser and firing, but there will be sound effects accompanying it thanks to a wired speaker box that can be hidden under your shirt or in your pocket.

BOOM, a simple $30 gift for the Star Wars lover in your life. And speaking of Star Wars lovers -- I think we can all agree Han Solo was looking for love in Alderaan places. Get it? The man's a furry! "It's true, kid -- if it's hairy, I'm there-y." Ya sick, Han! Dreamy but sick.

Hit the jump for a WTF video of the shirt in action and a link to the ThinkGeek product site.

ThinkGeek Product Site
Star Wars Death Star t-shirt comes with lights and sound [ubergizmo]

Thanks to bb, who found love in Alderiite places.

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