Absolutely Not: The Inflatable Ant-Roach Robot

November 23, 2011


Sure it may LOOK like a giant blue dildo with legs, but looks can be deceiving. Except in this case, because that's a walking shlong if I've ever seen one (and I have -- lots). The inflatable Ant-Roach robot was designed to carry passengers on the ride of a miserable lifetime, all the while with the sound of a loud-as-f*** air-compressor running in the background. Wow, did we all fall asleep and wake up in the future or what?!

Hit the jump for a video of the blow-up bot in action.

Inflatable Robot of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Mark, who refuses to ride anything that looks like a wiener. Oh right, like you never been on a banana boat ride before!

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