¡Yo Quiero Tanko Bells! (I Got Nothing): Homemade Chihuahua Tank Costume

October 25, 2011


Well, it's the week before Halloween -- and you all know what that means. "Undigested candy corn in my stool?" *horf* WHAT?! No. God you're sick. "Look who's talking!" WHERE?! "Nevermind." Haha, I knew what you meant I just refused to knowledge it. This is a video of the Taco Bell dog showing off his cardboard tank costume complete with functional treads. Plus halfway through the video you get to see the dog's owner who dressed up as a girl who shops at Baby Gap and hates cheeseburgers. Creative!

Hit the jump for the short (literally, that guy can't even be a foot tall) video as well as a preliminary weapons test.

Tiny Dog Wearing a Tank Costume [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Julie, Anybody Seen My Pills? and rabidrabbit, who don't dress their pets up for Halloween because their pets like to do it themselves.

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