X-Ray Vision Can See Through Concrete Wall

October 21, 2011


Bro I could see those chops through 20-feet of solid steel -- blindfolded.

Researchers at MIT have developed a way to crappily see through walls using amplified radar signals. Amplified radar? That has superpowers written all over it! "Actually it says, WARNING: RADIO FREQUENCY RADIATION HAZARD AREA." Please, they just say that to scare people. Now, crank that dial and keep mashing the button till I collapse.

The system figures out the distance to the wall, and only uses signals coming from farther away, effectively erasing the wall from the radar screen.

Although this technology could be extremely useful, it isn't x-ray vision in the Superman sense. It just gives an overhead view, showing targets on the other side of the wall as red blobs.

There's one other problem, too: at 8.5 feet long, the radar array is still far from being man-portable, making it impractical for use on the battlefield. For now, anyway.

Alternatively, beat the wall with a sledgehammer until it turns clear. You know -- we wouldn't even need to invent any of this x-ray vision technology if we hadn't burnt our bridges with Superman. I heard a general told him capes are for pussies. Dammit, you know vanity is Superman's kryptonite! "Technically, kryptonite is Superman's kryptonite." God I hate it when you talk in riddles.

Hit the jump for a video demonstration of shoot the red blobs, shoot them now!

X-Ray Vision Experiment of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Mark, who sees through walls the old fashioned way: drilling a hole at breast-level.

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