XBox Kinect: Now With Bigger Fake Taytays

October 7, 2011


Ever wonder what you'd look like with ridiculously crappy fake knockers? Try what I do and Photoshop your head onto celebrities' bodies. Hey, look at me everybody -- I'm on the red carpet with my frontbutt out! Oooooor you can get your hands on this homebrew Kinect hack. It recognizes your body and adds fake ta in approximately the right location, complete with stretched shirt pattern and squeezable interactivity. Sadly, I don't think we'll be seeing the program in the waiting room of plastic surgeon's offices anytime soon. Which brings me to my next point. Footjobs: apparently not a medical procedure.

Hit the jump for the WTF video, which also features some ladies despite the awesome screencap. Or does it?

Use Kinect's power... to give yourself breasts [egmnow]

Thanks to Josh, who Kinect'd himself like 38DD's and now has phantom back pains.

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