What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Cities To Get Own Self-Sustaining Operating Systems

October 3, 2011


A citywide series of interconnected sensors, all run by a central operating system: the future? Not one I want to live in. I just want to live on a tropical island beach and surf everyday. Oooooor get drunk and lure mermaids onto the beach with my sandcastles. Hey, HEY ARIEL -- I MADE A MOAT AROUND THIS ONE FOR YOU! *vomiting shellfish*...
Aaaaaaaand ate some of your friends.

The Urban OS works just like a PC operating system but keeps buildings, traffic and services running smoothly.

In the event of a fire the Urban OS might manage traffic lights so fire engines can reach the blaze swiftly.

The sensors monitor everything from large scale events such as traffic flows across the entire city down to more local phenomena such as temperature sensors inside individual rooms.

The OS completely bypasses humans to manage communication between sensors and devices such as traffic lights, air conditioning or water pumps that influence the quality of city life.

Granted people are are so terrible at their jobs a city-wide operating system probably WOULD be more efficient, but what happens when it goes down and nobody knows how to do its job? Or, even worse, becomes self aware and turns all the traffic lights green at the same time? HAHA, I'm almost glad I lost my license! Wait...

Smart cities get their own operating system [bbcnews]

Thanks to John G. and Mr. Robotmoss, who claims there's a town in the Poland that's trying to elect a robot mayor. LOL! Technology in Poland -- you're good.

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