Well Thank Goodness For That: Monkeys, Now With More Control Over Virtual Appendages

October 6, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously like the silhouette of Bat Boy wielding a Green Lantern power ring to return to the Matrix or some shit, a drawing of a monkey plays with his virtual arm. Because monkeys can do that now. They've always wanted to, and now they actually can. *dodges virtual turd* I saw that, Diddy Kong!

A brain implant that allows monkeys to move an avatar's arm and feel objects in a virtual world has been demonstrated for the first time.

The animals used the device to control the arm by thought alone, and feel the texture of the objects it touched through electrical signals sent directly to their brains.

Researchers built the system as part of a major effort to help paralysed people regain the use of their arms and legs, feeling the objects they touch and the ground they walk on.

Without any sensation of touch, it would be easy for people to crush or drop objects they were trying to grasp, or misjudge the terrain underfoot and stumble, the scientists said.

Now I know what you're thinking, "OMG, how can I use this for sexual gratification?!" But if you could get your mind out of the smut-gutter for one second you'd realize the much more significant ramifications of this project: knowing what it feels like to have more than two arms and legs. RAWR, LOOK AT ME -- I'M ANT-MAN AND I'M HERE TO RUIN YOUR PICNIC.

Monkeys use mind control to move a virtual arm and experience touch [guardian]

Thanks to Samantha, who controls her virtual arms the regular way: with an XBox controller. Awh shishi girl, what're we playing?

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