'Victorian On Mud Heap': Another Ultra-Impressive Dilapidated LEGO House

October 27, 2011


Note: Full-res desktop background version HERE.

Remember Mike Doyle's 60,000-piece LEGO Victorian house that'd been smashed by a tree? Well he's back with another build, this time a "110,000 - 130,000-piece Victorian perched atop a mud heap. Which, WHO BUILDS A HOUSE ON A MUD-HEAP?! That's just asking for trouble. Come on, you know what I'm talking about, house built on an old Indian burial ground!

5.5' x 6' x 3'

Black, white, dark and bluish gray, clear trans and black trans colors used.
No foreign materials (wood, glue, paint or otherwise) were used - this is pure Lego.
Photo retouching used only for adding contrast and color correction & background.
Approx 600 hours to build

600 hours?! Good lord, that's like...*trying to do the math, failing* a lot of days. "25." Twenty-five what? "Days." TILL MY BIRTHDAY?! "I thought you were born in August." How the f*** am I supposed to know, I wasn't even a day old when it happened!

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups, but be sure to check out the link to Mike's MOC page for some worthwhile high-res shots.





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Thanks to dr venkman, who has been sent to bust ghosts at this residence but his foot fell through a step leading to the porch and he got scared and burnt rubber the hell out of there in Ecto-1.

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