Two Steps Away From Terminators: Boston Dynamics' PETMAN Gets An Upgrade, Arms

October 31, 2011


BO is right -- slap some Old Spice up in them pits!

Seen here looking eerily human, Boston Dynamics' bipedal humanoid robot PETMAN has been upgraded with arms (capable of pushups!) and a smoother gait. Well thank God! If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a goofy-walking robot. OMG -- did you see PETMAN walking on his toes? What a sped!

Hit the jump for a very worthwhile video of his capabilities.

Boston Dynamics PETMAN portends the pending robot apocalypse [engadget]

Thanks to CL, LupusYonderBoy, Mike, Christy, alex, Santiego, G and chris, who are already surrounding their robot bunkers with landmines.

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