Trunk Monster Mobile Halloween Decorations

October 31, 2011


Geekologie Reader Monta lives out in the boonies and doesn't decorate his house for Halloween because nobody would see it (plus houses out in the sticks are usually scary enough). So what did he do? Constructed a mechanical monster that hides in the trunk of his car and opens the lid to peek out at the cars behind him at red lights. Hoho -- bringing Halloween to the people, I'll allow it. As a matter of fact, my brother actually has a pretty sweet Mercury Grand Marquis, I'll see if I can't convince him to do something similar. Hey Frank -- what do you say we install a monster in the trunk of your car? "Absolutely f***ing not." Let me use it for a car chase scene I'm filming?

Hit the jump for a short video of the monster in action.


Thanks to Monta, who's convinced if you drive around with a fake monster in your trunk long enough cops won't even look twice the one time it's a real body. Smart!

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