Transformer Ladybug Takes Off In Slow Motion

October 27, 2011


This is a video of a ladybug taking off shot at 7,000 frames/second. It's actually cooler than it sounds though ("good, because it sounds pretty f***ng lame") because you get to see the wings fold out from under its shell or whatever the hell the little red parts with the dots are called. You know what? Hold on a sec. *Wikipedia-ing* Elytra -- they're called elytra (singular: elytron). BOOM -- you actually learned something today. Granted it's nothing that's gonna get you anywhere (except in an entomologist's pants!), but that's what college is all about. That and pretending you're asleep while your freshman roommate is having sex until you can't keep quiet anymore and scream, "GO FOR THE BUTT, BEN!!" (True story)

Hit the jump for the video (of the ladybug, not my old dorm-mate).

Ladybug's Incredible Take Off [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Alissa, who tried to tell me if a ladybug lands on something of yours, it means you're going to get a new one soon. Quick doc -- open me up and expose my liver!

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