Told You!: One-Eyed 'Cyclops' Shark Is Real

October 19, 2011


Now bite that shit like a hoagie.

Remember the one-eyed shark baby found in Mexico that you ran to the comments as fast as you could to yell FAKE at? God I wish you'd been carrying scissors. Well it's real. The people I talk to on my cell phone at the bar to not look like such a friendless loser? Those are all fake. YEAH I'LL COME TO YOUR PARTY LATER, THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN. SHOULD I BRING SOME HOT GIRLS?

[The shark] is by all reports the real thing. Shark researchers have examined the preserved creature and found that its single eye is made of functional optical tissue, they said last week.

"This is extremely rare," shark expert Felipe Galvan Magana of Mexico's Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar told the Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog in July. "As far as I know, less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded."

Should I have put a censored bar over the picture? I thought about it, but then I realized I wouldn't be able to use that hoagie line and I REALLY wanted to use that hoagie line. Like, bad. Worse than I have to go to the bathroom right now but I'm trying to teach my bladder a lesson for dribbling in public.

Hit the jump for more of the face not even a mother could love.




Cyclops Shark & Other Cryptic Creatures Make October Creepy [livescience]

Thanks to daniel, David B. and Birknasty, who agree a one-eyed shark in a sea of the blind is king. Unless it's this one, this one is dead.

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