Time Poorly Spent: Watch Harrison Ford Playing Uncharted 3 For Seven Minutes

October 19, 2011


Sweet urn-clock bro.

So apparently Harrison Ford (best known for his role in the made-for-TV 'Dynasty' movie) is starring in a series of Japanese commercials for Uncharted 3. And this is him playing the game for seven minutes. It's pretty boring. The video, not the game. If I wanted to spend seven minutes watching someone stare confusedly at a TV constantly asking "what button do I push?" I'd ask my roommate's girlfriend to play.

Hit the jump for the seven minute video, a shorter "behind the scenes" video, and the actual commercial.

Watch Harrison Ford Play Uncharted for Almost Seven Minutes [kotaku]

Thanks to ChaosLex, who agrees it's at least better than watching Carrie Fischer play Angry Birds for an hour.

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