Three-Eyed Nuclear 'Simpsons' Fish Caught

October 27, 2011


Seen here looking like about 40 fish sticks, a group of fishermen caught this three-eyed Simpsons 'blinky' fish in a lake near a nuclear power plant in Argentina. Jealous cyclops shark is jealous! Per Babel Fish (how appropriate!) translation:

"We were fishing and we took the surprise to remove this rare unit. As it were at night then we did not realize, but later it watched it to one with a lantern and it saw that it had a third eye", related Julian Zmutt, one of the fishermen.

Zmutt assured that it is the first time that happens to him and that the finding began to worry to the population because "it begins to speak of the nuclear power station".

Not gonna lie, I'd probably err on the side of safety and just not fish in the lake by the nuclear power plant. Bathe, sure, but I've always wanting a glowing peen that could guide me to the bathroom at night without having to turn on any lights. *methodically waving wiener down hallway like a movie usher*

Hit the jump for a closeup of the jeepers, creepers, seriously WHERE THE F*** did you get those peepers?!


El pez de tres ojos de los Simpson era argentino [infobae]

Thanks to Gonzalo, who's agrees what good is an extra eye on the top of your head if it can't see the fishing boat above you?

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