There's Titanium In Them Thar Craters!: The Moon "Is Packed" With Titanium-Rich Ore

October 13, 2011


And it's all mine!

All mine -- get it?! Because not only am I claiming it all for myself, but mining is what you do to get at precious metals. That or rob a jewelry store amirite?! I'M COMING FOR YOU, KAY'S! According a recent NASA probe, the moon is chock-full of titanium and NOT cheese despite what your Space Camp counselor may have told you. *sadly crossing 'moon-muenster' off bucket list*

A new map of the moon has uncovered a trove of areas rich in precious titanium ore, with some lunar rocks harboring 10 times as much of the stuff as rocks here on Earth do.

These titanium-rich areas on the moon puzzled the researchers. The highest abundance of titanium in similar rocks on Earth hovers around 1 percent or less, the scientists explained. The new map shows that these troves of titanium on the moon range from about 1 percent to a little more than 10 percent.

"We still don't really understand why we find much higher abundances of titanium on the moon compared to similar types of rocks on Earth," Robinson said. "What the lunar titanium-richness does tell us is something about the conditions inside the moon shortly after it formed, knowledge that geochemists value for understanding the evolution of the moon."

Forget about the evolution of the moon, I'm trying to score my ass some titanium ore and get rich! Which is exactly why I'm going to set up a giant mining operation on the moon under the guise of scientific exploration, then f***ing trash the place. You know, the American business model.

Moon Packed with Precious Titanium, NASA Probe Finds [space]

Thanks to Mr. Fancy, who's bankrolling my operation on account of all his money and fanciness.

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