Theives Steal $150k Porsche Using The Old 'Return A Fake Key Fob After Test Drive' Trick

October 4, 2011


Two thieves in (where else?) New Jersey made off with a $148,000 Porsche Panamera after taking the car for a test drive with a salesman, and allegedly returning a fake key fob. They then returned later that night and made off with the vehicle. Not bad, guys. I'll give you $1,200 for it.

How could this have happened to such an expensive car with such a (presumably) expensive security system? Simple: the car features a keyless ignition system, with no physical key. An electronic key sits in the driver's pocket allowing one-touch access to opening the doors and turning the car on. Sounds like a fast pass for a simple switcheroo for these techy thieves

Geez, you should have made copies of their ID's and taken pictures of them or something aside, I've got any even fooler-proof plan to score yourself a free Porsche. So here's what you do: find yourself an old sugardaddy, right? Befriend him, seduce him, then live with him for the next six years, all the while slooooooowly poisoning him. When he finally croaks, TA-DA, you...WTF DO YOU MEAN HE LEFT ME OUT OF THE WILL?!?!? Oh my God, I gave the man blowies.

Tech-Savvy Thieves Switch Keys During Test Drive to Steal Porsche [time]

Thanks to Warren, who once won a beer cooler for being able to stay awake the longest during a local radio station contest. That...totally sounds worth it.

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