The Walking Dead/Soup Mashup Tonight

October 14, 2011


The Soup airing tonight on E! (10/9c) is gonna be taken over (infected?) by The Walking Dead and I'd like to be the first to say I wouldn't hesitate to drink Norman Reedus' bathwater. Also: pick all the hairs out of his bar of soap and glue them to my upper lip. This is a 2:30 sneak peek of tonight's episode made by some friends over at E!. Me? I always DVR the show because 1. recording all that reality TV myself would eat up my entire DVR and 2. I usually get home too drunk on Friday nights to watch anything but a Ramen-y retrospective of dinner appear in the toilet bowl. So, yeah -- if the Kardashians don't all die I will be jumpkicking through my television with chainsaws tied to my feet.

Hit the jump for the preview.

The Soup on E!

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