The Future Is Now: New Transparent Film Turns Windows Into Inefficient Solar Panels

October 6, 2011


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3M, a company best known for manufacturing Post-It notes and NOT being named 3M because they started business as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, has developed a new transparent film that can be applied to windows, transforming them into solar cells. Plus not blocking the view! Technology, man, it's f***in' crayzums (crayzums is the new cray-cray FYI).

This solar film was on display at the CEATEC electronics conference in Japan and is expected to go on sale in 2012. According to reports, one square meter of the film is apparently able to generate enough energy to sufficiently charge an iPhone under peak sunlight. It is also apparently easy to install and will cost half as much as traditional solar panels.

The drawbacks is that it supposedly only manages to generate about 20% of the electricity that traditional solar panels can generate. However, we believe that every little bit helps, right? On top of that, the film is also able to absorb/block 80% of visible light, which means that it will be able to double up as a sunshade as well on those scorching hot summer days.

Inefficient or not, the idea and technology are pretty genius -- not unlike myself. "...You just said you were retarded in the last post." HA! Well you might as well throw 'indecisive' on the list as well.

3M's solar films can be pasted onto windows [ubergizmo]

Thanks to Jodie, who convinced me bald spots are actually solar panels for a person's sexual energy. Aaaaaaaaaaand that's why I shaved the back of my head.

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