The Angry Birds Birds Imagined In Real Life

October 13, 2011


Is this what the Angry Birds birds would look like in real life? Absolutely, there's not a doubt in my mind. About being on the right path of life? 100% doubt. I really think I need to go on a vision quest or something, it's getting bad. You know what I ask myself every morning when I wake up? I ask myself this: well brobro, at least you're still alive. "That's not even a question." I know, I'm usually still pretty drunk.

Hit the jump for the other seven characters including everyone's favorite, the annoying-as-shit boomerang bird.







Mohamed Raoof's (the artist) DeviantART
Angry Birds IRL of the Day []

Thanks to Abby, who went birdwatching once and spent twenty minutes watching a bee on her binocular lens thinking it was a bird. HA! Been there, done that, haven't been able to make eye contact with another member of the Audubon Society since.

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