That Makes Grain Sense: NASA Corn Mazes

October 11, 2011


Note: Pictures are just renderings of the designs they were working from, actual photos are just now starting to show up.

Because there's no better way to jumpstart children's interest in space than corn mazes they can't appreciate except from a helicopter, NASA and seven farms from across the country have teamed to make space-themed corn mazes this fall. *kid gets lost in maze, starts crying* "Space is too scary!" *GW appears as scarecrow* It really is you little crybaby, I've been there.

The farms that are part of Space Farm 7 create corn mazes every year, as part of their harvest-time autumn festivities, Pugh said, and this year seven farms have a space-themed maze.

The SpaceFarm 7 celebration is very timely as this year NASA celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first American in space, the 30th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle mission and the 20th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope's deployment in space.
NASA has ten regional research centers located in the United States, and the individual Space Farms have each been paired up with their nearest space center in order to highlight that region's contribution to NASA.

Now I don't know whose job it is at NASA to spark kids' interest in space, but they need to be fired. Because anybody whose brainchild was "corn mazes" was probably already pushing 100 when we put a man on the moon. Put a man on the moon, LOL! You can't even get kids excited about rocket ships and aliens and you expect me to believe we've been to the moon?! I'm dumb, NASA, but not THAT dumb.

Hit the jump for six more.







7 Incredible NASA Corn Mazes: Cool Crop Circles for Science [universetoday]

Thanks to Melissa, who has grown corn in space and said those cobs were to die for. I believe it.

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