That. Is. TERRIFYING: Giant Robotic 'Slave Arms' Can Mimic Any Human's Movement

October 14, 2011


Seen here in his audition tape for that Hugh Jackman 'Rock Em Sock Em Robots' movie that just came out, an old man demonstrates Raytheon-Sarcos' new "slave arms", a pair of giant robotic arms that can mimic the movement of a user's. You...probably don't want to get hit by one. By Cupid's arrow, absolutely. *twang* Haha, that was a poison dart.

As Vice President of Operations Fraser Smith describes, "every way you move, your three degrees of freedom in your wrist, the one in your elbow and the three in your shoulder --the slave arms can move the same way you do."

"Anything that slave encounters in terms of force is also fed back to the operator so he can actually feel what's happening in the workspace," said Smith. "With added strength, the operator doesn't need two or three guys trying to muscle something around. This thing just picks it up and dexterously positions the material."

Admittedly, I could see myself making a pretty sweet Incredible Hulk Halloween costume out of one of these things, but that's about it. *daydreaming* ROAR! HULK WANT FULL-SIZE CANDY BARS OR HULK SMASH HOUSE!

Hit the jump for a worthwhile news interview with gramps here playing Stretch Armstrong.

Utah-built robot safeguards the workplace [klsnews]

Thanks to Naterade, who arm-wrestled a robot once but was smart enough to remove a couple of his screws before he was plugged in and then tore the bastard's entire hand off during the match. AWH YEAH!

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