Doppelganger Face Masks: Terrifyingly Real

October 10, 2011


Japanese firm (surprise, surprise) REAL-f will create an ULTRA-realistic copy of your face in mask form so you can...actually, I don't know why. This is just an all-around terrible idea. One Geekologie Writer's face is enough ugly for the world! Isn't it, Tiger? *cat throws up hairball* Harsh bro, that was harsh.

Those interested in possessing an exact replica of their face (down to the level of individual pores and eye vasculature, according to REAL-f's website) can get a 3D "face mask" for US $3,920. A copy of your entire head will set you back US $5,875. Additional face and head copies run $780 and $1,960, respectively.

Granted you could probably get a mask made of somebody else's face, then rob a bank and frame them for the crime, or -- OR -- you could just kill them and wear their actual face as a mask. Because, admit it, this was never about getting rich in the first place, it was about revenge. I'M COMING FOR YOU, DEREK.

Hit the jump for a bunch more creepy examples.





REAL-f's Official Site
Japanese company "REAL-f" makes really f-ing accurate 3-D copies of your face [io9]

Thanks to Clark, who bought one just in case he burns his face off in a firework accident. Okay now that's actually smart.

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