Tablet Claw: Future Of iPad Grasping Comfort

October 7, 2011


The tablet claw is a G.I. Joe kung fu one-hand grip for the iPad. It has a ring on the back you stick your fingers through. Plus it has two other integrated stands (vertical and horizontal) for when you're not holding it (or need to pick a boogie without playing Angry Birds with your face). It doesn't exist yet though because the developers are trying to raise funding through Kickstarter. Want one? Go donate. Don't want one? Me neither. What purpose is an iPad grip when you don't even own an iPad?! *eying empty flatscreen wall-mount* I already learned my lesson!

Hit the jump for another shot, their Kickstarter video, and a link to their donate page.


Tablet Claw Kickstarter Page
In East Dallas, Hoping the "Tablet Claw" is the First Crop on a Million-Dollar Idea Farm [dallasobserver]

Thanks to Nick, who grasps his iPad with talons like an eagle carrying a fish. Damn bro, no back scratches from you!

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