Finally!: Superhero Socks With Own Capes

October 25, 2011


This is a pair of women's Robin (of "holy how about a reach-around for once, Batman?" fame) socks with integrated capes. They cost $13. The company also sells Wonderwoman and Superman socks, but those are argyle and lacking capes. Which, let's not kid ourselves, are what make these socks. Jk jk, children in the Philippines, but still.

Hit the jump for shots of the others, just don't expect any capes or your ass is gonna be sore(ly disappointed).

UPDATE: 80's Tees actually DOES sell Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman socks with capes. Pictures of those and a link to the product page added after the jump.







Superhero Stuff Product Site
80's Tees Product Site

Thanks to Emma, who agrees they should put warnings on socks with capes if they can't actually make you fly. *eyeing own scabbed knees* Hey I'm with you.

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