Stereotyping: The 15 People You'll See At Every Geek Convention

October 17, 2011


This are the cartoon depictions of the 15 people you'll see at every geek convention. Are they accurate? I have no idea -- the only convention I've ever been to involved heavy drinking and passing out in a hot car before the doors even opened. And did my friends leave me there? Yes. Could I have died from heat exhaustion? Absolutely. But did they give a shit? Nooooooooooo, they were too busy trying to look up the skirts of every She-Ra and Rainbow Brite in the place. And that, dear reader, is exactly why I'm going to hide a bag ol' bag of meth under their couch and call the cops. NOBODY ABANDONS ME!

Fifteen People You'll See At Every Nerd Convention [dorkly]

Thanks to crame and Liza, who were just as shocked as I was to see "girl dressed as sexy thing for attention" didn't make the list.

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