So Can I!: Fish Can Communicate With Toots

October 24, 2011


Mine usually say, "this seat's taken".

Fish: just like people, they can toot. Sure scientists might try to argue herring are the only ones that bust ass in the traditional sense, but that's bullsh*t because I used to have an aquarium with all kinds of fish in there and sometimes when they were going #2 you could see little air bubbles come out before and after the actual fishstick. WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU CALL THAT?! Anyway, apparently herring can use toots to communicate with each other in their schools. In any other school? You'd get made fun of so bad you'd have to transfer. Haha -- Miranda Bigstuff from second grade knows what I'm talking about! That thing echoed off her hard plastic seat so loud you'd have sworn a fat man just farted into a bullhorn. Even Mrs. Hindman was laughing so bad she couldn't finish writing the vocab words on the chalkboard and had to excuse herself out to the hallway! After that day, I never saw Miranda again.

Hit the jump for 30-second of herring toots explained in a National Geographic video.

Breaking: Fish Can Fart [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Andrew, shep and Natalie, who once had their boat capsized by a blue whale's rising butt bubbles.

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