Smell-O-Vision: One Step Closer To Reality

October 10, 2011


Mmmm, love the smell of Kratos in the morning. Smells like...ashes :/

You ever wanted to smell whatever you're watching in a movie? Cheap perfume, sweat and shame. Get it? Because you're watching p0rno. Me? I'm watching cartoons, which are actually like p0rno to some people because, I dunno, they weren't allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons growing up or something. DO I LOOK LIKE A PSYCHOLOGIST TO YOU?! "Not with that crash helmet on, no." Exactly, I'm clearly a stuntman. This is SMELLIT, a system that mixes and disperses fragrances to coincide with a movie.

The SMELLIT (yes, that is seriously it's name) is a new gadget from French company Olf-action (as in "olefaction", get it?) and it's designed to add "the smell dimension" to various forms of digital entertainment. And given the face that Olf-action already makes a smell-syncronization system for movie theaters called Odoravision, there's a good chance this is going to be made into an actual product you can buy someday.

Admittedly, I would feel a little more comfortable breaking wind in the theater if there was a SMELLIT system in place. Because right now all I can do is cover the noise by laughing and talking really loud. AHAHHAHAHAH *brap* THE NOTEBOOK -- GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, including some of the smells the thing can make (like naked bodies and the dentist!)




SMELLIT Aroma Device Stinks Up the Place [technabob]

Thanks Martin, who can't mix smells but CAN mix potions, which, as far as I'm concerned, makes him infinitely more useful to a powerful wizard like myself. "You just said you were a stuntman." I AM A JACKASS OF ALL TRADES.

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