Smashing Pumpkins At 1,000 Frames/Second

October 28, 2011


♫ Todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay is the greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatest daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I've ever knoooooooooooooooooooooown ♫

See what I did there? It f***ing sucked, I know. This is a video of a bunch of pumpkins being smashed shot at 1,000 FPS set to some creepy-ass music. It's Halloween weekend, so I thought it would be appropriate. Also: making a lot of fake blood, getting drunk, then passing out in it on the kitchen floor to scare my roommate when he got home. Long story short I got way too drunk, was unresponsive, he freaked out, called the police, they came, woke me up with smelling salts and busted me for weed. So yeah, Halloween's off to a great start. For everyone celebrating this weekend INSTEAD OF ON ACTUAL HALLOWEEN, have fun, be safe, rot your teeth out with candy and I hope you all go home with the Harley Quinn of your dreams/Ninja Turtle of your fantasies. I should be around in between witch's brews so I might throw a couple posts up. Ooooooor just a bunch of mini candy bars (probably Snickers & Kit-Kats).

Hit the jump for the damn I need that song on my iTunes.

Smashing Pumpkins in Slow Motion [neatorama]

Thanks to Woodland Fairy Queen, whose magic wand look suspiciously like a pine cone glued to a coat hanger.

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