Shredding Hoth: Burton/Star Wars Snowboards

October 13, 2011


Because for the right price (your soul) George Lucas will let you slap Star Wars scenes on anything, snowboard giant Burton is dropping a line of 'out of this galaxy' (yukyukyuk!) Chopper series snowboards for kids (children's sizes) this winter. These are them. Unfortunately, I don't snowboard anymore because I broke my arm doing a sick trick off a jump once at Seven Springs on a high school ski trip. Then I broke it again ollie-ing over a recycling bin in my parents' driveway. Now I've got a titanium plate and a bunch of screws and shit in there just like Luke. The only difference is, I don't love my sister. Like, not even AS a sister. Seriously, I tried trading her to gypsies for a new set of pots and pans once when I was twelve. Twelve! What's a twelve-year old even gonna do with a set of pots and pans? SPOILER: Wear them like body armor and bang on yourself with a wooden spoon. It was worth it.

Hit the jump for closeups of all the boards.









BURTON STAR WARS choppers [brkw]
Star Wars x Burton Snowboards Preview [hypebeast]

Thanks to Phil, who jumped off a ski-lift on a bet and broke both legs. Shocking.

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