Russian Pastie Cloud Covers Mountainous Nip

October 12, 2011


Note: Slightly larger (almost a C-cup!) version HERE.

Breasts: I practically see them everywhere except where it really counts (right below a lady's collarbone). If my roommate gets drunk enough though he'll mash his together and eat Doritos from between them, so that's something. Something I make him do in front of my friends every weekend! No, we're not laughing with you, Derek.

The extraordinary sight is nothing more than a rare cloud formation known as a 'lenticular cloud' - or simply a cap cloud.

The bizarre lens-shaped formation happens when moist air flows over mountains - such as Klyuchevskaya Sopka mountain in far east Russia, where the spectacular photo was taken.

The breathtaking shot was taken by keen photographer Ivan Dementievskiy, 35, who captured the stunning moment while on a photo tour in the region earlier this year.

Damn Mother Nature, you crazy. Not unlike all my ex-girlfriends. "Geez, GW -- did you ever stop to think for a second it might actually be you?" You totally just blew my mind...not! OF COURSE IT'S NOT F***ING ME.

OMG it's a UFO (that's an Unusual Fluffy Object), captured by amateur photographer over Russian mountain range [dailymail]

Thanks to Lucy, who claims she once saw Mother Nature throw a burger wrapper in the ocean.

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