Reminder Bracelets: Watch Shaped Post-Its

October 24, 2011


Post-It's: you write something on them (usually 'KICK ME IN THE ASS HARD') and stick them to things (usually a person's back), simple as that. And now they make them shaped like watches so you can wear them around your wrist like lil reminder bracelets (that string-around-the-finger shit don't work!). Meeting at 10AM? Slap it on there! Need to remember to pick up some TP from from the grocery store? They work for that too. Plus if somebody asks you for the time you can be a smartass and show them your fake watch Post-It! "I asked for the time, this says 'strawberries, chocolate and lube'." F*** yeah it does -- it's almost sexy time, fool!

Watch It! Wristwatch-Shaped Post-It Notes [wired]

Thanks to TGSNTM, who's never stuck a 'kick me' sign to my back before but did catch me trailing toilet paper out the top of my shorts one time. God I'm an embarrassment.

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