'Realistic' Disney Princess Digital Paintings

October 5, 2011


Disney princesses: we all have a crush on one. Obviously (based on the picture I chose for the front page), mine's Beast. "That's not Beast." I know, I love him so much I don't even want you looking at him! "But...he's not even a princess." Think again, he has beautiful hair and lives in a castle. That...sounds like a princess to me. This is small series of digital paintings of Disney princesses by artist Jace Wallace. They're being billed (not by the artist) as "stunningly realistic", but I'd argue they're just more realistic. Stunningly realistic in my mind would be lifelike. These are still stylized. And speaking of stylized -- peep my new tattoo. "Is that...a penis?" Half. The other half is a dragon. I call it a dragis. I've been petitioning Blizzard to make them a World of Warcraft mount.

Hit the jump for Tatiana, Jasmine and Snow White.







Jace's DeviantART Page
Stunning realistic Disney Princess paintings [theswedishbed]
Stunning Realistic Disney Princesses [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Trish, who met Snow White at Disneyland and claims she was talking shit on all the dwarfs. Rude!

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