Real-Life Hoverboard: COUNT ME THE F IN

October 18, 2011


Sure, we've all seen magic floating superconductors in action (even before yesterday!), but have you ever seen them USED TO MAKE A REAL LIFE HOVERBOARD CAPABLE OF SUPPORTING A HUMAN?! Because this is what that is. "OLD -- already seen it." Wow, you've basically seen everything, haven't you? "I have." Including your parents naked. "Wait..." No no no -- it's too late to turn back now!

Hit the jump for two videos, the first a shorter one, the second a longer, much more worthwhile one including the hoverboard and track's construction, as well as higher-res test rides.


Thanks to gef, who agrees we're just a shit-ton of magnetic rails and liquid nitrogen away from Back to the Future-ing our asses around town.

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