PR2 Doodoobot Picks Up After Your Dog

October 18, 2011


PR2, the electricity-stealing, pool-hustling, beer-fetching, male-pleasuring, cookie-baking, grocery-packing robot can now pick up dog turds. Possible to make you cookies with later. DUM-DUM-DUM!

While you can't hear it in the video, Graspy begins its task by declaring in a vaguely disappointed robotic monotone, "time for me to scoop some poop." You get the sense that this $400,000 robot is asking itself whether or not this kind of work is really what it signed up for. Using its color camera, the robot first identifies poops based on their color, navigates to said poop, and then using a special human tool, it performs the scoop. Haptics are employed to ensure that each poop scoop is a success, and if not, the robot will give it another try. Failure doesn't happen often, though: Graspy is able to successfully scoop poop about 95% of the time in over 100 trials, at a rate of over one poop per minute.

OMG, they should totally program him to eat it after. That would be great. "Zip, zap, must eat butt biscuits." Haha, he can't help himself! YOUR MOUTH IS BROWN, BRO.

Hit the jump for a video of a guy saying poop like a hundred times and PR2 going to town on some turds.

PR2 Scoops Some Poop [ieeespectrum]
$400,000 Robot Scoops Some Mean POOP [geekosystem]

Thanks to Alan, who picks up after his dog the old fashioned way: making sure nobody saw and then leaving it. OH YOU'RE ONE OF THOSE, HUH? *bodyslam!*

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