Rideable Cloud Concept: Pee From Heaven

October 19, 2011


You ever wanted to ride a cloud? Whenever I'm flying through them I always think to myself, "WHAAAAAA, HOLY SHIT HOW AM I DOING THIS?!?!" then I wake up and it all makes sense. But seriously, if I can be real with you for a second: I'm the world's greatest lover and I have the blue ribbon to prove it. "That's purple and says PARTICIPANT." Haters gonna hate. Whenever I'm flying IN A PLANE I'm drunk and I always look out the window and imagine the clouds are a giant magical city. "I get it -- like Atlantis!" No, obviously you don't get it BECAUSE ATLANTIS IS UNDERWATER, DUMMY. I swear, some of you never cease to amaze me in the most depressing ways.

Passing Cloud is basically just like a big zeppelin, except lumpier. It's got a rigid stainless steel structure supporting an array of spherical nylon balloons that intersect to form a solid, if topologically diverse, platform suitable for passengers. There's no "inside" of Passing Cloud; you just climb up some stairs on top of the balloons and chill there, watching the clouds and ground go by.

If you have a specific destination in mind, though, Passing Cloud might not be the best way to go, since it doesn't go from Point A to Point B. More like, it goes from Point A to wherever the wind happens to be blowing, since the wind is its only source of power

Whoa whoa whoa -- the wind is the only source of power?! That's a terrible idea. Oh look, you're going out over the ocean -- FOREVER. Say hi to Atlantis for me, dipshit!

Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud concept lets you ride a piece of sky [dvice]

Thanks to Mike, who's always wanted to pee of the edge of a cloud just like angels do.

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